Air Duct Cleaning

Fresh Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning professional cleaning team will take care of your air duct system so you can breathe easier. We have the highest rated vacuum suction combined with 200 plus P.S., I field test compressed gas machines that are perfect for removing all kinds dirt from inside our home or business buildings – including those pesky allergens! You’ll be able to enjoy a fresh odor-free environment at last thanks in large part because we use only non chemical/herbal ingredients when disinfecting various parts throughout each building during an annual maintenance visit from one convenient source

Fresh Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning 30 point Cleaning Process

  1. All work areas have pathways to them using runner tarps
  2. Fresh Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning techs will always wear shoe covers
  3. To guarantee we do not cause damage to your home from our tools, we use corner guards.
  4. Before we begin cleaning, we shut off the furnace.
  5. We will remove your furnace filter and then insert our chamber sealer to eliminate risk of blow back
  6. We send a camera to the inside of your main duct system to get “Before Photos”.
  7. We completely seal all hot exhausts and cold in-takes registers.
  8. A specially designed cover is used to protect your heat exchanger
  9. We first connect to the main hot air common ducting with a large vacuum hose.
  10. We engage our forward high pressure brushing system to clean every vent.
  11. We inspect interior disk dampers to ensure they are in a fully open position
  12. Benefect is used to clean and disinfect each register
  13. We use our specialty agitation tools to clean the main horizontal common ducting.
  14. Disinfecting process begins using Benefect
  15. Main cold air intake systems are connected to our vacuum.
  16. Cold air return intake vent covers are cleaned
  17. Dust build-up in the chambers is removed
  18. Benefect is applied to start the disinfecting process
  19. All horizontal main cold air intake common ducting is cleaned with our specialty agitation tools
  20. The furnace blowers, J-channel and air filter chamber is high pressure air cleaned
  21. “After Photos” are take from the interior of your main duct system
  22. All hose attachments opening are professionally sealed for future cleanings
  23. Your Free 1” standard filter is installed. All washable air filters are cleaned
  24. We turn your furnace back on
  25. A Fresh Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning completion sticker is dated/signed and applied to the ducting for future reference
  26. All standard forms of payment are accepted at this point
  27. Other services are available at add on discounted prices of over 60% off