Dryer Vent Cleaning

Is your dryer taking twice as long to get through one load? Do you need to do an extra cycle just to get your cloths dry? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you may have a dirty and clogged vent on your hands which needs professional attention.

Having lint in dryer vents is normal. Lint from the fabrics that are being dried is sucked by the fan motor of the dryer and settles in the vent hose. As time goes by, the build-up affects your dryer's performance.

An  Inefficient Dryer  Increases Your Utility Bills

To give you a general idea, less than one inch of lint build-up in a four foot dryer duct can slow down and reduce the efficiency of you dryer by up to half. This will cause your dryer to overwork itself more than usual, making it run hotter and work harder. Your dryer will then consume more electricity as it needs more energy to function properly. It also puts more stress on the moving parts in your machine.

Signs That You Need Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

To see if your dryer vent is due for a thorough cleaning, check out the following signs and if any of these are noticeable, make an appointment for professional dryer vent cleaning.

  • Family PhotoIt takes longer to dry your clothes each cycle

  • Lint is present on your clothes after drying

  • Your clothes are hotter and/or damper than usual after a standard cycle

  • Your laundry room is more humid or warmer while your dryer is running

  • Heat is not present or being generated by the dryer even if there is an airflow present

  • There is less lint on your lint trap

Lint build-up can and will cause your dryer to operate at higher temperatures than normal which will damage the internal parts, especially the heating elements including the heat sensor safety switches. This drastically shortens the lifespan of your dryer which would require you to pay etra for repairs if the warranty does not cover the damages or to buy a new one completely.  All this unnecessary expense can be easily avoided with regular maintenance checks on your dryer and annual cleaning of your dryer and annual cleaning of your dryer vent.